Sunday, 26 September 2010

Nomos - Discography

Nomos are from Brooklyn, New York and fucking kill it. First heard about these through my buddy sean and picked up the demo. It rules. Super fast and angry as hell tear it up style hardcore. Some of the best artwork ive seen on a record too. I featured one song on my top 12 songs of last year upload. you should check it out. Nomos just released their debut LP, a one-sided 12". Its a lot darker, heavier and
broodier than the demo and split but upon first listen its still killer. Would seriously love to see this band live. Hopefully one day, COME TO THE UK PLEASE. I picked this up from the you should check it out. blog shits on mine and has a million amazing bands. Nomos are totally down with downloads so check out the demo, split with the men and new record below. pick up their stuff from deranged or distros if you are lucky!
One of the best hardcore bands around by far. Don't sleep on this. One-sided 12" 'Notes from the Ancheron'


  1. Really fucking good. Except I think that the first track on the 7" Demo is missing. if you could change that, it would be much appreciated.