Monday, 20 September 2010

Pacer - debut 10" out now

Pacer are the second band to form from the ashes of the steal featuring the other two stooges: Dave and Mark. First saw them play with shook ones at the cocks and that is one band they definitely sound like and are influenced by. they have those short, punchy choruses you can't really sing along too and they are very fast 90% of the time.

Chunksaah, home of The Bouncing Souls, decided they liked the sound so much they would release their debut record and sort them a short US tour up to the fest where they are also playing.
This band features so much musical prowess and history that it was never going to be shit and its fast, fun and bouncy punk rock with Mark's distinctive vocals giving it that edge so many bands lack and the poppiest guitar lines. I think shook ones, new mexican distaster squad, and Osker and the lyrics and some of the music is so The Steal's first record which is never a bad thing. Im well into their debut effort and the record is lovingly packaged and in an assortment of colours for you vinyl nerds. Cannot wait for more!

Here is the 'hit' Circles around a square: if you like what you hear then watch a video and maybe buy the record here:


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