Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Big Takeover III - 30/10/09

With the Rampart having just been shutdown there was doubt as to if this show would still happen, luckily some lovely squatters offered their home, a three storey building, owned by Barclays. It was an amazing space. The funniest thing about the whole night was that just around the corner was Hackney Police Station yet they did not disturb the show the whole night. A stage was built on the floor out of pallets and people started arriving. you had to knock to get in. Awesome.

East London's Methodist Centre: http://www.myspace.com/methodistcentre opened proceedings with their two drum kits, camp oi/punk. I thoroughly enjoyed this band. Lots of fun, very silly lyrics, 'does you girlfriend know you're here, does your girlfriend know you're queer'

Nowhere Fast could not play in the end which was a shame so next up was Skiplickers: http://www.myspace.com/skiplickers I'd been waiting a while to see this band and they did not disappoint. Bry was a sick frontman and those vocals sound like a dying dog. Nice.

Bryony who runs Big Takeover is in the Sceptres who played next http://www.blogger.com/www.myspace.com/thesceptresthesceptres It was great to see them playing again as they had planned to split up. Catchy garage pop in a X, X Ray Spex, Wipers vein. The vocals are shrill, the guitars are harsh and the songs are great. Good Band. God i cant talk about bands.
Having seen Social Circkle in Brighton a few days before i was looking forward to them again and i dont know if it was just the crowd going nuts but they seemed to crank it up a notch tonight. So fucking good. This band are one of the catchiest around and also one of the fastest. You really do need to own their new LP 'City Shock' Here is 'Vacant Lot' to persuade you: http://www.sendspace.com/file/anw1gz Said it was one of the best shows they had played and definitely wanted to come back to the UK sooner rather than later. They Played a cover, dont know what it was but sounded cool and after their set i found out they do a Kids cover which would have ruled, oh well, always next time.
I only saw a bit of the Wankys coz Sam and i had a long trek home. very noisy punk, sweet Reagan Youth Cover though.
So yeah another storming night from Bryony and Co. Thanks to her and thanks to Matt and his buddies for letting his house be used and a special thanks to Hackney Police for not shutting the show down. Great night, roll on Big Takeover 4!

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