Sunday, 22 November 2009

Fashanu- Band of the Week

Fashanu are a three piece from Durham, England and are in my opinion one of the UK's best kept secrets. They play fast melodic pop punk ala Latterman, Jawbreaker and sound like Armalite in places. They have singalongs galore and some seriously heartfelt lyrics oh, and dual vocals so you know its going to be ace. I cant remember how i came across them but they had one song 'Yoko Ono v Bob Hoskins' on myspace for ages and i couldnt stop listening to it. Had this incredible singalong toward the end of the song 'Next time, we'll start again' Listen at the top of their page: I put them on in Kingston to unveil them as it were. They went down a storm, people enjoyed them and most importantly i picked up their debut EP which rules. Gary, guitarist of Fashanu has kindly allowed me to upload a track from the EP so here is my other personal favourite from the EP 'Science is Awesome': You can buy it from the band direct or at an upcoming show so check out their blog and pick it up.
Discount Horse Records released it which is run by Jon Fashanu (no joke) who plays bass. His distro/label rules and he is the best dude ever. Check it out/buy everything. Onsind are ace too.
I love them so much im bringing them to the south again Dec 19th, this time to Guildford for a fun show with Bangers and Saturday's Kids and more. Ill put more details up soon. Be cool to see you there?!


  1. Love you too Steve! Fashanu rule and so does This Music Is My Life. All round awesome. Score!

  2. God Dammit, how do I always find out about good bands months after they play my town.