Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Ringers - R.I.P

Ringers are a four piece from Boston, Massachusetts who play gritty, intelligent pop-punk and have songs that get stuck in your head for days plus they absolutely rule live. I just read on If You Make It that their Fest 8 show last week was one of their last shows. This was news to me. I'm gutted. So this post is a tribute to an awesome band.

Im not really one for pop punk and feel free to shout me down but i really dont understand why people love D4 so much and worse of all people think im nuts that i love the Ringers but not D4 but oh well, thats beside the point. I just LOVE the Ringers. I first saw them in guildford two and a bit years ago when they came over with Lemuria and i was there for Lemuria. I had never heard of the Ringers before and to be honest was not that bothered. They were amazing. From the off i wanted to shout and punch my fist in the air, it was that good. Catchy, fast in the right places and loud, had a street punk feel to it and the singer looked like a football hooligan which added some charm haha. As soon as they finished i bought both their albums and listened to them non stop for weeks. Some of the catchiest pop punk id heard in ages. I was lucky enough to catch 'em at the Fest last year and having learnt all the words it was a party and again they were amazing. I was hoping i would get the chance to see them again but alas, no. Im grateful i saw them twice and will not stop listening to their albums. Curses contains back to back hits. Get involved. If you like Banner Pilot, Dear Landlord, D4, Leatherface then please please check out Ringers and fall in love like i did.

Check them out HERE: http://www.myspace.com/ringersband
Listen to a few songs from their two albums, 'Curses' and 'Detention Halls' HERE: http://www.1234gorecords.com/index2.html
Buy their records and merch HERE: http://www.1234gorecords.com/thestore/index.html
Watch a live video HERE: http://www.ifyoumakeit.com/video/ringers/dialtones/

This is lame but i just stuck 'Curses' on while trying to finish this post and got goosebumps.


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