Monday, 9 November 2009

My friend has a new band

Two weekends ago while up in london i went with my friend Sam to his first ever band practice and i thought they were awesome. Not only this but the two other members in the band are, in my opinion, two of the best bands in the country. The drummer, James, drums in What Price, Wonderland: who are a loud, twinkly/jangly/punky, Fugazi-ish band from everywhere around the UK. The new LP 'Its true it is skakey' is ace. Buy it. Max, the guitarist is the ex-drummer of Twisted from Leeds. Think garage punk meets early emo ala Rites of Spring and you have a winning combination. Download their four track demo on their blog, HERE: its one of my favourite releases this year and ive still not managed to see them live! Track four is the one. Reminds me of the Wipers. SO catchy. My friend Sam plays guitar in a Straight-edge hardcore band called Abolition: awesome bunch of guys who play really honest hardcore. You should go see them in london.

Sam kindly posted up some videos of their second ever practice and they already have three songs down! Take into account the sound is not great and this is a rough recording but please take a look. Definite algernon/piroutte yelp going on three songs recorded there.

I cant wait to see these boys live! Promising stuff. Track 2 is the one so far. that middle section rules.

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