Sunday, 29 November 2009

Lemuria - band of the week

As with 90% of the bands i post about in this blog, Lemuria are another of my absolute favourites. Lemuria are a three piece from Buffalo, New York and they are your new favourite band:

Think of a perfect mix of Weezer, Weakerthans, Superchunk, Lemonheads and the the most amazing dual vocal harmonies and you have Lemuria. Catchy as hell pop punk songs about love mainly and some seriously cute lyrics. If you cant listen to the song Pants and not think about an ex girlfriend/boyfriend then you have no soul. I first heard this band when someone sent me the 'kind of like spitting' split and i thought they were ace. They came over not long after that with the Ringers but were hampered by sound difficulties when i saw them so it was hard to hear. Nevertheless i picked up 'Animal Collection' on cd. A collection of all of Lemuria's b sides, demos, splits and records to that point. Ilovedit. Its amazing. It was obvious that Lemuria would grow in popularity but i never expected to see them play to about 700 people at the Fest 7 last year and about 500 of them were singing. It was insane. I was so excited to see them having learnt all the words but nothing could have prepared me for that. Made me smile from ear to ear. I actually love them. I saw them conquer the UK earlier this year in Swansea, London and Kingston and heard all the shows were incredible. I can only see this band getting increasingly popular. They just released a new single, 'Ozzy' which is about Sheena (the singer's) Dad and the lyrics are as usual, incredible. There are links to all their releases on the myspace so if you enjoy what you hear please please buy their stuff and support a very hardworking DIY band.

Because im generous here is a 12 song sample of some of my favourite Lemuria songs, Enjoy:

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