Thursday, 5 November 2009

Get Bent - Band of the Week

There is no question over Band of the Week this week. Not only are Get Bent one of my favourite ever bands (i like them more than latterman, yeah i went there) they also released one of my favourite ever records, the demo and the fact that they split up and ill never see them adds more mystery to them. To put it bluntly i LOVE Get Bent and after reading this and listening to their demo hopefully you will too!

From Ridgewood, New York, Get Bent are a four piece who play a latterman style of honest, dual vocalled, shouty melodic punk rock and its catchy as fuck. I cant put into words how amazing this band are so ill give you a link for their demo and you can fall in love the same way i did.

IF YOU MAKE IT is a free/donations album downloads website that features some seriously rad bands. They also have a 'Pink Couch Session' where bands/artists pop in to IYMI palace and record a song acoustically. Get Bent did one so you should find that. There are also heaps of pictures, live videos (some of Get Bent) things to read and a forum so definitely get involved. Here is the Get Bent Demo: 5 tracks of immeasurably perfect pop punk. This didnt come out of my cd player when i first got it and i was so pumped on seeing them at Fest 7 but then they pulled out and split up. I still listen to these songs on a daily basis, its THAT good.
Despite this band splitting up over a year ago they are still releasing stuff and last night their final release came out 'Get Bent - Dead It' 7" and ive listened all morning. It rules, as expected. If you love this there are links on their myspace: of where you can buy their, demo, demo tape, split 7" with Jean Claude Jam Band and the new 'Dead It' 7" so pick all of that up and support hard-working DIY labels Like Dead Broke: and Kiss of Death: who have great output. You can also find it in uk distros just look around on the internet.

Get Bent has spawned a number of other ace bands so be sure to check out these guys:

How Do We Jump This High - the band that sounds most like Get Bent, demo available here:

Thousandaires - totally awesome Latterman style beats super group, get the demo here:

Also check out: Potboiler, jonesin', state lottery and down in the dumps. All feature member(s) of Get Bent.

I still hope that one day i will get to see them. Kid can dream right?

RIP Get Bent.


  1. hey, awesome post, although Jared doesn't run IYMI.

    I'll forward it to him.

  2. yeah i realise that now, silly me. Thanks!