Friday, 15 January 2010


Brothers are another super good band from Exeter who play real good punk rock. I had never seen them until Punk N Bowl last december and i was very impressed. Think None More Black vocals and guitar lines, the best bits of New Mexican Disaster Squad coupled with some sweet female backing vocals. Total winner. They have just embarked on a mini tour and i am seeing them tomorrow in Portsmouth which will be fun. This tour ties in with the release of their debut ep which they have kindly put up for download on their myspace: you should check it out. I hope to see a lot more of this band in 2010, definitely one to keep an eye on. A band totally after my heart too as they cover Weezer, i screamed along to 'El Scorcho' at P n B. The singer Ben was the drummer in Dead City Stereo who i have already posted about and Rez the Drummer also drums for Sauna Youth who i have also posted about so if you havnt already, check both of those bands out too.


  1. pretty much one of the best british bands of the moment, well for me :P jo x

    p.s - good blog!

  2. Thank you, im glad you enjoy it x