Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Wasted Time - Band of the Week

Wasted Time are in my opinion one of the best hardcore bands of our generation. Another rad hardcore band from Richmond, Virginia and on Grave Mistake Records one of the best labels in the US. They play fast, no bullshit and angry as fuck hardcore and i cant be bothered to say what they sound like i just urge you to download the discography ive uploaded below. I could not believe it when i got to see them last year in Brighton year and they totally stole the show over Government Warning. Listen to Hostage, track 1 on the 'No Shore' EP and prepare to mosh. I really hope i get to see them again as its a treat. Mark has kindly allowed me to upload everything they have released. So below is their 2 7"s and debut LP which came out last year and if you don't suck buy them from Grave Mistake and support Alex who runs that label and played in Wasted Time when they came over to the UK. http://www.gravemistakerecords.com/catalog/advanced_search_result.php?osCsid=2fa417919b8e5aa914e913942a7b80fe&keywords=wasted+time&osCsid=2fa417919b8e5aa914e913942a7b80fe
Im looking into Going to Chaos de Tejas in Austin, Texas in May to see them with a bunch of other amazing bands including Marked Men. You should come!