Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Urban Blight - Band of the Week

I don't know whats in the water over in Canada but i want some! So many rad bands: Career Suicide, Tranzmitors, Urban Blight, Statues, Marvelous Darlings... i could go on forever. are from Toronto, Canada and released one of my favourite releases of 2009 with debut LP 'More Reality'. Clocking in at just under 12 minutes, from the first chord and drum beat you are immediately thrown into a frenzy by the most frantic, energetic and angry songs and when i first heard it i just thought 'this must slay live' Im not that knowledgeable on this sorta hardcore but id say they sound like Negative Approach, SOA and ive been told, Agnostic Front. All i know is this LP from start to finish rips and is an aural assault and its fucking brilliant. its been my record of choice for a while when im really pissed off and need to let off steam and its helped a lot. John Falco of Career Suicide fame produced this too so you know it sounds great. You can buy it from Slasher Records HERE: and ace distro 'Static Shock' stocks it too: Michael from Urban Blight has kindly allowed me to upload it for your listening pleasure. I do urge you to buy it though coz its seriously good and will make you mosh in your room.

Coming over end of the summer i hope i can put em on!


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