Friday, 15 January 2010

Formaldehyde Junkies - Band of the Decade

If you know me at all then you would have heard me mention/rave about this band and i cannot thank Ellis the bassist of the Shitty Limits enough for introducing me to this band.

Formaldehyde Junkies were an 80s hardcore rehash band from Minneapolis, Minnesota and are in my opinion one of the best bands of the last decade. I dont think a day has passed since i got into this band that i have not listened to their first record '... are a total wreck' Its faster than anyone else, the guitar blows my mind, the vocals are frantic and snotty and the drumming is ridiculous. The songs are catchy and make you want to run around smashing shit up. I cannot speak highly enough of this band. Sadly split up now although i pray for a reformation every day i listen. The singer runs a rad label called 'Fashionable Idiots' and a few bands i highly recommend are Retainers, Rot Shit and Out with a Bang, although you should listen to every band on that label really. Fjunkies were only around for a few years and released two 7s, a song on the 'Public Safety' Maximum Rock n Roll Comp and a demo. Ive uploaded the two 7"s for your aural pleasure. If you dig Koro, minor threat and fast as fuck hardcore you will love this. I promise. No one i have recommended this band too has had anything negative to say so get on this.

'.... Are a Total Wreck':

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